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“Bryan’s music score for our film, ‘Journey to Redemption,’ masterfully carries viewers along an emotion ride. Not only is the music superb, it’s appropriate to the evolving narrative at each of it’s most important moments. Additionally, Bryan delivered on a tight deadline and was a joy to work with.”

–Mario Mattei, “A Journey to Redemption” (




My name is Bryan Atkinson and I am a composer for film and media. My passion and dream is to work alongside visionary creatives providing compelling music for the world’s most impactful art forms. The extent to which music can influence a media production is immense! I have had the privilege to compose music for feature films, documentaries, short films, and much more encompassing a wide variety of genres.
For as long as I can remember, film music has intrigued and inspired me. A classical training in piano performance was the first step in the musical “ladder.” I continued to write piano pieces until college, where I received a degree in audio production. This helped propel me into the world of producing and recording music, after which time I supplemented my education with online classes in composition, orchestration, mixing, and similar disciplines.

I am driven by a service-based mindset, a mindset that pays attention to the detail in every note and that puts the story and emotion first.  The pages that follow reveal a sample of my work. If you think my services could benefit your project, contact me, and we can talk about the musical needs for your next project.


Bryan Atkinson





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