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THEMATIC/EMOTIONAL-Anita’s ThemeĀ (00:45)


THEMATIC/FANTASY-The Enchanted Forest (00:49)

THEMATIC/QUIRKY-SideKick High Game Theme (00:43)


ADVENTURE/FANTASY-First Flight (00:45)

ACTION/ADVENTURE-Viking Legend (00:39)

ACTION/ADVENTURE-Joshua and Caleb Report Intro (00:35)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER-Escape to Almeria (00:33)

SUSPENSE/THRILLER-Nightmare (from Malevolent) (00:47)

SUSPENSE/THRILLER-Ocean Tremor (00:38)


FAMILY/DRAMA-Unexpected Meeting (from Courageous Love) (00:46)

FAMILY/DRAMA-Chicago Heartbreak (from Concrete Hearts) (00:49)

FAMILY/DRAMA-Office Sneak (00:42)


ETHNIC-Armenian Sea (00:42)

ETHNIC-Secrets of Vietnam (00:47)

ETHNIC-Dances of the Israelites (00:59)


ADVERTISING-Broadway Bound (1:03)

ADVERTISING-Cinematic Promo (1:12)

ADVERTISING-30 sec. Corporate Promo (00:30)


ARRANGEMENT-Nino Precioso (Spanish Lullaby) (00:48)

ARRANGEMENT-Cold Air (Strings) (00:45)

ARRANGEMENT-Love Never Fails (00:38)