The following are reviews from some of the directors and creatives I have had the great pleasure of working with.


“Bryan composed and produced the score for “Sidekick High” and “door.”, two games we made during a game jam. Due to the time restrictions of such an event, it is Bryan’s absolute reliability and punctuality that impressed us the most. Furthermore, he immediately understood the visions we had and turned them into music which immensely contributed to the games’ atmosphere. Last (but not least), it’s always a pleasure to work with Bryan because of his friendliness.”

- Jonas Fisch, CMMN CLRS, “Sidekick High”, “door.”

“It’s a pleasure working with Bryan Atkinson who I selected as part of the Opening Moments Media team to compose nearly 20 minutes of custom sound bed for two story-driven documentaries.  Bryan has a great sense for composing to compliment the overarching themes of dialogue in an international environment. Bryan is also great work with, asking questions and responding to ideas regarding the pace, tone, color and energy that we needed. I recommend his expertise in composition!”

–David Haneke, “Harvest-Transformation (


Bryan’s work brought endless life to my contemporary-pop composition. He understood my vision and executed the arrangement flawlessly. Bryan was extremely professional and timely; I’d recommend him to anyone looking to add intimate depth and emotion to their work.

 —Saydi Driggers-Singer/Songwriter

“We have worked with Bryan for a complete first season of the ‘Joshua and Caleb Report, Stories from the Heartland of Israel,’ and he is currently in process of scoring the second season that we are currently producing, for a total of 20 episodes. Bryan is amazing to work with! He provides quality, professional work with incredibly realistic sound tracks that completely captivate the audience. You will not be disappointed by hiring Bryan to score your film!”

—Luke Hilton, HaYovel – “Joshua and Caleb Report, Stories from the Heartland of Israel”

“Working with Bryan was one of the highlights of the entire Jack Phoenix project. He thoroughly immersed himself in the story to get a feel for the direction to take with the score, and the simple score he composed was spot on for the style of this movie. He seamlessly adapted his workflow to ours, and delivered the work on time. In every way I can think of, he was a pleasure to work with.” 

—Manny Edwards, “Jack Phoenix” (Brightline Pictures LLC)

“When I direct a film I look for two things in a composer,stellar music and professionalism. Bryan has both of these qualities and has been a joy to work with. Excellent emotional communication and respect for my film’s vision.”

–Nathan Tauch, “Into the Flames,” “Concrete Hearts” (nathantauchfilms)


“Bryan’s music score for our film, ‘Journey to Redemption,’ masterfully carries viewers along an emotion ride. Not only is the music superb, it’s appropriate to the evolving narrative at each of it’s most important moments. Additionally, Bryan delivered on a tight deadline and was a joy to work with.”

–Mario Mattei, “A Journey to Redemption” (